What We Do

We are a full service
Landscape & Design Company.


Our Services Include:

Weekly lawn maintenance

Sod replacement
Hedge trimming
Flower Bed maintenance
Landscape Lighting
Spring & Fall cleanups

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​​​This Spring

This spring, consider aerating or dethatching your lawn to give it  a healthy start to the growing season.  This encourages stronger root development as well as allowing water and nutrients to be better absorbed by the soil. 

If your lawn is in need of more substantial care, consider a combination of all three- aerating,       dethatching, and seeding to bring it back to life.  This can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the sod. 

Freshen up the look of your flower beds by giving the hedges a fresh trimming, establishing clean lines at the edge of the beds, and adding a layer of fresh wood chips to give your yard a clean, manicured look.  The wood chips will also deter weed growth while retaining moisture in the soil.  

Finally, accentuate the great new look of your home and yard with the addition of subtle landscape lighting.